Frame Colours & Fabrics

Frame Colours:

Please note that all our items are handmade and will have natural variations which are inherent in natural rattan. Frame colours may vary in reality to how they are appear on a computer screen. If you have any queries about a colour, please contact us prior to purchase as we are able to post out some samples.

Our washed finishes that are available on selected designs are applied by hand and it is not unusual for them to vary from past pieces of our collections. We recommend purchasing all items together in our washed and natural finishes to avoid large colour variations. 

Because of the natural character of rattan, we do not consider any colour variations a fault. 


We offer a range of fabrics online for your choice on most pieces. Some items will only have one fabric choice available while others may have 10+ depending on the design.

We have different ranges depending on how you wish to use our furniture:

  • High Performance fabrics are designed for outdoor use and are resilient, colourfast, stain-resistant and durable. All High Performance fabrics come in our ‘Wrap Over’ style covers and Premium Support Foams. ‘Wrap Over’ covers do not have any piping and have seams that run along the sides for a clean finish.
  • Natural Linen Indoor are suited better for indoor use. The Natural Linen fabric comes self piped (also known as box piping) around all sides on all cushions. 
  • Britannia & Southend fabrics are designed for outdoor use and include self piping and SuperSoft seat foams for a more luxurious, outdoor option. 

Regardless of what fabric and cushion comfort you select, all covers are removable and machine washable on a cold setting. 


We offer our seat cushion comforts in two options: firmer and softer. Read on further to decide which is the better fit for you:

Premium Support: Premium Support Foams are slightly firmer to start, however they soften with age. Suitable for indoor and undercover outdoor use. These foams are included with High Performance fabric choices only and come in seamless ‘Wrap Over’ style covers. 

SuperSoft: These foams (just like their name) are much softer and let you sink into the chair more. Suitable for indoor and undercover outdoor use. These foams are included with Natural Linen, Britannia and Southend fabric choices only and come with self piped covers. 

Our back cushions include a poly fill insert. 

Not all lounges will offer both comforts online, however you are welcome to contact us directly should you wish to discuss changing the comforts. Extra charges may apply. 

If you need further details on a product to ensure you have all the information you need, please contact us directly. If you would like more images, fabric swatches or some help choosing we have skilled staff to assist you.